EW’s 25 Movies to Watch Before Oscar Night

Here’s EW’s list of the movies to see before the Oscars. Those I’ve seen are in bold, but hopefully that number will increase dramatically before the big night February 24.

  1. Lincoln — Daniel Day Lewis was perfect, but he’s better than the movie itself.
  2. Les Miserables — I thought it was a B- movie. SO many problems in my mind (this will likely inspire one of my next posts). My prediction: the movie will be nominated in several categories, but could come away empty-handed. (Side note: the French major/perfectionist in me is INSANE that I can’t put the accent over the “e” in the title. Aggravation noted.)
  3. Zero Dark Thirty — I think this movie was longer than necessary, but it’s worth watching for the sequence of the invasion of bin Laden’s hiding place alone.
  4. Argo — Kudos to Ben Affleck. He deserves an Oscar for this one.
  5. Silver Linings Playbook — It’s an underdog, but my current pick for Best Picture and Best Actress (don’t mind my general adoration of Jennifer Lawrence).
  6. Life of Pi — Such a compelling story coupled with beautiful visual effects. A must-see for all ages.
  7. Amour — A truly heartbreaking portrait of the dying process.
  8. Flight — Denzel Washington gave another great performance, but I have a lot of issues with other aspects of this movie.
  9. The Impossible — Very good, and great performances. I’m surprised this didn’t get a Best Picture nomination, but I can understand it.
  10. Rust and Bone
  11. The Master
  12. Moonrise Kingdom — Apparently I was the only person who was totally weirded-out by this one. But really? It was pretty, and I like the adults. And the kitten. That’s all.
  13. Beasts of the Southern Wild — I so wanted to love this, but did not. I think the concept was a bit half-hearted.
  14. Django Unchained — My most successful Tarantino attempt yet. I really enjoyed it, even if it’s getting mixed reviews.
  15. The Sessions — John Hawkes was robbed of an Oscar nomination for this role. Great movie.
  16. Anna Karenina
  17. Wreck-It Ralph
  18. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel — All the best old Brits. I’d go to India with them.
  19. The Dark Knight Rises — A good conclusion to this trilogy. While Bane didn’t measure up to the Joker as a villain, I preferred this movie to The Dark Knight overall.
  20. Looper — Not really my kind of movie, but worth seeing.
  21. How to Survive a Plague — Not the greatest documentary. I found myself both frustrated with the lack of help from the government and the irrational behavior of the victims and advocates this movie focuses on.
  22. Middle of Nowhere
  23. The Perks of Being a Wallflower — A beautiful adaptation of a great book. Kudos to Logan Lerman on a breakout role and Emma Watson for her breakaway role (though she’ll always be Hermione to me).
  24. Compliance — Embarrassingly, this movie is based on events that happened about 30 minutes from my hometown. It’s a great indie movie, but very frustrating (and sometimes difficult) to watch.
  25. Frankenweenie

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