My newest pop culture endeavours

It’s official: I really need to get better at this “keeping up with a blog” thing. However, I’ve had some pretty fantastic pop culture experiences lately that I consider worth sharing. Here’s my life update:

1. Most exciting news: I have an interview for an internship at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. (!!!!) I found out six days ago, but I’m still freaking a little bit. My newest resolution is to stay extra up-to-date on current events and watching the show so I can be as prepared as possible when the time comes. Wish me luck!

2. I’m starting as a contributing writer for On Location Vacations, which I’m pretty excited about. If you’re as celebrity-obsessed as I am, you should check out their site.

3. I am now 5 books into my 40 book goal for 2013, and well as (I believe) 15 movies into my 100 movie goal. So far, so good.

4. The Grammys were actually really good last night. Not that they have anything to do with my life personally, I just wanted to throw that thought into the mix.

5. Because I have the interview with The Daily Show and I have sent about a million internship applications to organizations in NYC, I’m thinking my prospects are good for being there this summer. And since that’s the case, I continually fantasize about stalking the set of “Girls” and basically every stage door. These are my hobbies.

Life is good.


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