“Downton Abbey” season one — Wait, what’s his name?

In keeping with my TV Bucket List post which I’ve been working on but only just published, here’s my reaction post to season one of “Downton Abbey.” I’ll do my best to remember the reactions I had as they went along… maybe my lesson learned will be to live-blog a post for an entire season.

1. Okay, the drama factor is a little ridiculous, but in a pleasant way. The music on this show makes you feel like everyone is a serial killer, when in reality, maybe they’re just embarrassed about their past as a stage performer. So that took some getting used to.

2. MAGGIE SMITH IS QUEEN. (You can basically assume this thought was running through my brain every time she was in a scene.)

3. I love Lady Sybil. And Mrs. Crawley. And Anna. But for the love of God, I have the WORST time remembering anyone’s name on this show! I’m usually proud of my ability to remember characters, but this show has been a challenge. If only there were 30 characters to keep track of…

4. My feelings about Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary varied so often. But, in the end, I liked them both a lot. Jury’s still out on Lady Edith.

5. Major disappointment moment: bringing up the show’s IMDB page during episode five to find out that both Thomas and Mrs. O’Brian are in every episode of the show. I was so hopeful one of them might be fired at any moment. Looks like they’ll both be around for many terrible shenanigans to come. Hooray.

6. I adore the relationship between Mrs. Crawley and the Dowager Countess. The knowledge that Shirley Maclaine is added to the mix in season three is very exciting to me.

7. I’m very excited to continue to season two, though I’m currently starting season one of “Six Feet Under” (a slight departure from “Downton”). All in all, a great first season which I can’t say I expected to enjoy this much. More reactions coming soon!

P.S. I just need to mention that at one moment in time, Maggie Smith (as Lady Violet) said “put that in your pipe and smoke it.” And then I nearly died of joy.


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