Downton Abbey recap — seasons two and three

Okay, it’s official: I am Downton-obsessed. Like, obsessed obsessed. What an absolutely, wonderfully perfect show. I adore it. If only season four could come a tiny bit sooner than next January. Here are my biggest reactions to seasons two and three, and be warned: there will be spoilers!

1. I am 100% in love with Tom Branson. It’s kind of embarrassing, but he’s just the cutest ever. I’m nervous about what’s to come for him, because I’m not prepared for him to get over Sybil just yet. They were too perfect together.

2. And speaking of Sybil… I BAWLED when she died. I knew it was coming, but I was utterly unprepared. She was my favorite character from the start, so that was a difficult loss for me. I’m not sure when I last cried that much for a TV show. Thanks, guys.

3. Lady Violet is as perfect as ever. Probably my favorite line of hers in season three was in reaction to getting rid of the food from Lady Edith’s wedding when she says “Well, if the poor don’t want it, you can give it to me.” What a great character.

4. I also really loved the saga of Lady Mary’s and Matthew’s relationship. Obviously, that had to work out eventually, but I really liked how it happened. Mostly I love that Mary was never mean to Lavinia, because she really was adorable. And even though I’m so upset about the end of season three, I do appreciate that it was such a tragic end for their relationship. It couldn’t have ended any other way.

5. Anna and Bates finally get to be happy! Hooray!

6. I so loved the Servant’s Ball. The image of Matthew dancing with Mrs. Patmore will forever make me laugh.

7. I really hope that Lady Edith finds love in season four. She’s had so many close encounters, but I want her to work it out somehow. She’s definitely grown on me.

8. Mrs. Crawley and Molesley are SO DAMN FUNNY. Who knew?

I feel like now I’m destined for nine months of wondering about the next season… what a pity. In the meantime, I’ve just received two Downton shirts from the PBS Shop to keep me happy. 🙂


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