2013 Book List: Update #3

I’ve finished another five books to add to the list, putting the year’s total thus far at 16. Here are my thoughts on the last five books.

We Killed

12. We Killed, Yael Kohen

I wasn’t a huge fan of the writing or organization of this book, but it definitely had some great information. As a huge Amy Poehler fan, I loved reading how much other comedians (both male and female) respect her as a person and professional. Definitely a fun read if you’re interested in learning more about women in TV.

The Great Gatsby

13. The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

A perfect, timeless classic. It had been four years since I first read Gatsby, so I reread it to be prepared for the new movie. I was again amazed at Fitzgerald’s beautiful prose in this wonderfully tragic story. And for what it’s worth, I think Baz Luhrmann’s film captures the essence of the grandeur and indulgence of New York in the Roaring Twenties perfectly.

The Reptile Room

14. The Reptile Room, Lemony Snicket

There isn’t much to say about the Series of Unfortunate Events books except that they’re always good fun. I’m making more progress toward the books in the series that I didn’t read as a kid, and I’m certainly enjoying the journey.

The Wide Window

15. The Wide Window, Lemony Snicket

I remember finding this book in the series frustrating as a kid, and I still feel the same. Aunt Josephine kind of drives me crazy as a character, so this one isn’t my favorite. I also have my own irrational fear of leeches because of seeing Stand By Me when I was probably too young for it, so The Wide Window is also a bit more traumatic for me than the others in the series.


Beautiful Darkness

16. Beautiful Darkness, Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

I have to say, I’m much more impressed by the Beautiful Creatures series than I ever would have expected. I read the first book just after Christmas last year because I thought the movie looked fun, and I’ve really enjoyed both the first and second books in the series. I finally watched the movie last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it (side note: I’m kind of in love with Alden Ehrenreich now. It’s fine.). For lovers of the teen fantasy/sci-fi romance genre, I would whole-heartedly recommend these books, not only for the entertaining story, but also because these books make some pretty great allusions to classic literature that just might spark your interest.

As of this posting, I’ve completed 40% of my 40 book goal for 2013. My current project: The Secret Garden, which will likely be followed by the next three Series of Unfortunate Events installments. Stay tuned!


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