True Blood Recap: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Only thing you need to know about last night’s episode: Eric pretending to be a nerdy human = COMEDY GOLD.


true-blood-S6E2-300In this week’s episode of True Blood — “The Sun” — Billith is so overwhelmed by his very visceral empathy for the vampires tortured and killed on Governor Burrell’s orders that he slips into the same kind of coma that I did during last season’s Smoke Monster storyline. But this is no ordinary coma. While Jessica prays for his swift awakening, he’s… well, read on. I’ll tell you all about it.

PSYCHIC FIENDS NETWORK| In “no place,” Bill is informed by Lilith that — sorry, no dice — he is not a god. However, he will play an important role in the end days. “Trust what you see,” she instructs him. And, no sooner does he snap out of his trance than he sees on the TV news all the scenes of abuse and murder that had previously unspooled in his head. “Holy crap!” he more or less exclaims…

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