My reunion with the Jonas Brothers

It’s safe to say that a large portion of my life has been devoted to my love for the Jonas Brothers. In high school, my best friend and I were ostracized for our love of our favorite boy band, but we really didn’t care. They were the group that brought our friendship to a new level, and it turns out, I was much happier being made fun of for loving those boys than being stuck in friendships with lots of catty girls. (Thanks for that, Jonas family.)

So, in honor of seeing the Jonas Brothers in concert for the first time in three long years, I’ve decided to make a list of my very favorite Jonas memories. Excuse me while I indulge in my fangirlness.

1. My first Jonas concert

Overall, the concert I attended last week was my eighth encounter with the Jonas Brothers in one form or another. My first Jonas concert was February 24, 2008, a day that probably changed my life more than I was aware of at every time. Clearly, we went all out with our homemade t-shirts. It was a very important day in my life.



2. Meeting the Jonas Brothers

After that first show, it’s safe to say that I became a true fangirl and my obsession reached a new level. I spent the rest of that spring obsessively researching these boys until it was kind of impossible to During the summer of 2008, the Jonas Brothers toured again, and I was lucky enough to win a pass to the meet and greet, which was probably the greatest thing that could have possibly happened to me at that time in my life. (And yes, I did indeed meet the Jonases in a homemade shirt, which was not the same as my other shirt. Yeah, I needed more of a life.)



3. Jonas and Friends concert in Nashville

I’ve been to a LOT of concerts in my life, but this one still takes the cake. This show was not part of a tour, just a small show at the Ryman Auditorium (one of my very favorite venues) in which the Jonas Brothers brought out guests to sing with them that included Brad Paisley, Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Martina McBride, Honor Society, and Jordin Sparks. If only this wonderful night could happen again.



4. Seeing Nick Jonas in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying on Broadway

I have been lucky enough to meet to of my favorite celebrities twice thanks to a friend of my mom’s who worked in the costumes on this show. Last summer, we once again ventured to NYC to see this lovely show on Broadway, and we were again successful in getting backstage. Such a lovely way to meet a celebrity.


5. Jonas Brothers Live 2013 Tour

This tour was totally worth the three year wait. I had never before attended a Jonas show without my best friend at my side, so that was a very strange experience, and it may have contributed to my emotional state. I’ve never been the type of fan who cries during a concert, but that changed a bit. I got rather emotional during the opening, and then kind of lost it during “When You Look Me in the Eyes.” Probably the saddest part was how empty the venue was; there’s a noticeable difference in the number of fans at a Jonas show from the past. However, if you’re a Jonas fan, I absolutely recommend trying to get to a show. It’ll probably bring back memories that you’d forgotten. You’re never too old to return to your fangirl roots.





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