Emmy Awards Part 1: My Predictions/Hopes for the Comedy Categories

While I’ve got the time to indulge in one of my very favorite pastimes (award show prediction/discussion/obsession) before I begin my senior year of college, I’ve decided to go full force and share with you my picks for the Emmy Awards, airing September 22 on CBS. In this post, I’ll only be discussing my picks for the comedy categories, but I’ll also be posting about the drama categories, and, if I’m feeling extra ambitious, the miniseries/movie categories. Here goes nothing!

Outstanding Comedy Series

  • The Big Bang Theory • CBS
  • Girls • HBO
  • Louie • FX Networks
  • Modern Family • ABC
  • 30 Rock • NBC
  • Veep • HBO

Because my very favorite show Parks and Recreation was AGAIN shut out in almost all categories, I would be happiest to see either Girls or Veep win in this category, but I’m really not sure how I see this one playing out. I would also be happy with another win for 30 Rock‘s final season. Either way, Modern Family does NOT deserve another win this year, so I’m hoping we’ll see a change here.

Girls Veep

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

  • Jason Bateman • Arrested Development
  • Jim Parsons • The Big Bang Theory
  • Matt LeBlanc • Episodes
  • Don Cheadle • House of Lies
  • Louis C.K. • Louis
  • Alec Baldwin • 30 Rock

This is another difficult category for me. I kind of think Alec Baldwin has won enough for his role as Jack Donaghy, and this season of Arrested Development wasn’t the best. However, I think I’m still rooting for Jason Bateman here, but I’d also be very happy to see Matt LeBlanc win (out of loyalty, of course). However, it’s been a big year for Louis C.K., so a win for him wouldn’t surprise me.

Jason Bateman

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

  • Laura Dern • Enlightened
  • Lena Dunham • Girls
  • Edie Falco • Nurse Jackie
  • Amy Poehler • Parks and Recreation
  • Tina Fey • 30 Rock
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus • Veep

Because Parks and Recreation is my favorite, I’m obviously going with Amy Poehler as my top pick in this category. It’s such a shame that this show isn’t getting the recognition it deserves. However, I think this category really is wide open. I could see Tina Fey winning again for her final season of 30 Rock, and I think Julia Louis-Dreyfus is more deserving for this season of Veep than when she won for its first season last year. But, again, I could also see Girls getting more attention, so Lena Dunham is another viable candidate. Personally, while I love Girls, I think Dunham showed off more of her dramatic skills than comedic this season, so she’s not my top pick here.

Amy Poehler Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

  • Adam Driver • Girls
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson • Modern Family
  • Ed O’Neill • Modern Family
  • Ty Burrell • Modern Family
  • Bill Hader • Saturday Night Live
  • Tony Hale • Veep

While I don’t think that Modern Family is deserving of taking up half the spots in this category, I’m very happy to see some new faces represented in the other spots. I’m kind of divided between these other three. I think Adam Driver has created a totally original character on Girls, and his comedic style is all his own. Tony Hale is another of my favorites, and I could see him receiving favor here because of his work as another great supporting comedic character on Arrested Development, a role he’s never been nominated for. And finally, Bill Hader is so immensely talented that I’d be very happy to see him win. Overall, I think Hale is my favorite here, with Driver in a close second.

Tony Hale  Adam Driver

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

  • Mayim Bialik • The Big Bang Theory
  • Jane Lynch • Glee
  • Sofia Vergara • Modern Family
  • Julie Bowen • Modern Family
  • Merritt Wever • Nurse Jackie
  • Jake Krakowski • 30 Rock
  • Anna Chlumsky • Veep

This is another tough one for me, because I don’t have a major favorite. I’m kind of hoping Modern Family gets shut out in most of its nominated categories, and again, I’m glad to see some new faces represented here. Personally, my favorite in this category is Anna Chlumsky, but I’d also be happy to see Jane Krakowski win.

Anna Chlumsky

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series

  • Bob Newhart • The Big Bang Theory
  • Nathan Lane • Modern Family
  • Bobby Cannavale • Nurse Jackie
  • Louis C.K. • Saturday Night Live
  • Justin Timberlake • Saturday Night Live
  • Will Forte • 30 Rock

Though I’m very happy Justin Timberlake hosted SNL for his fifth time this year, it wasn’t my favorite of his episodes, so here I’m going with Louis C.K., even if it’s for his great monologue alone.

Louis CK

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series

  • Molly Shannon • Enlightened
  • Melissa Leo • Louie
  • Melissa McCarthy • Saturday Night Live
  • Kristen Wiig • Saturday Night Live
  • Elaine Stritch • 30 Rock

This one is a no-brainer for me: Melissa McCarthy is a fantastically funny actress, and she deserves recognition for her second hosting of SNL. However, I could see this category going to Wiig, who was previously nominated during her time at SNL, but never won. This would be a good chance to recognize her for her great work with the show, but McCarthy’s episode was better.

Melissa McCarthy


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