TVLine’s Performer of the Week: Allison Janney

YES, she was fantastic on this week’s episode. If you haven’t been watching Masters of Sex, you should change that behavior.


Allison janney Masters of SexA weekly feature in which we spotlight shining stars

THE PERFORMER | Allison Janney

THE SHOW | Masters of Sex

THE EPISODE | “Brave New World”

THE AIRDATE | November 3, 2013

THE PERFORMANCE | When we think of the erstwhile C.J. Cregg, we think strong, right? Formidable. Damn near indomitable. And that right there makes Janney’s performance in “Brave New World” all the more revelatory. As Margaret came to suspect just how much she was missing out on in her annual lovemaking sessions with her secretly gay husband, the actress dropped the practiced poise that her character wears like hairspray to give us a glimpse of the naïve and vulnerable woman who hides just behind it.

Take, for instance, the scene in which Margaret mustered up the courage to approach Virginia about participating in her and Bill’s sex study. Janney – her statuesque frame slouching, as if a part…

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