Book #50: The Future of Us, by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

The Future of Us

I’m now 10 books past my goal for the year, a feat which I’m rather proud of. The Future of Us was a very quick read, and one I finally purchased recently after considering it for a long time. Though I’ve never read any of Mackler’s previous works, I was very fond of Asher’s first novel, Thirteen Reasons Why, and the premise for this book sounded intriguing. Essentially, the story is told from the alternating points-of-view of high school juniors Emma and Josh. They’ve been best friends and neighbors all their lives, but their friendship has been a bit distant after an awkward attempt on Josh’s behalf to try for something more than friendship. The big twist here is that the story is set in 1996 and when Emma gets a new computer and an AOL CD-ROM, she logs in to find her Facebook profile from 15 years in the future. The majority of the book’s plot centers on attempting to figure out how Emma and Josh’s lives will change and what they can do in the present to get the futures they hope for.

This is by no means a classic young adult novel, but it’s fun reading. The story moves quickly and the short chapters make it easy to read. Even though I turned 22 three days ago, I’m a sucker for cheesy teen lit, and this fit my expectations as well as I’d hoped. (Weird side note: my copy had some rather blantant typos within the last 75 pages or so. Not really sure what that was about, but it annoyed me.)


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  1. I really enjoyed this book. I had read Thirteen Reasons Why and was excited to see what else Jay Asher could come up with. It was definitely a lighter read, but was still fresh and interesting. I was a sophomore in college when facebook began (I remember getting the e-mail asking me to join–at the time, you had to have a college e-mail account to sign up), so I really liked the glimpses back at technology and how much we’ve changed in such a short time. I remember getting the AOL discs in the mail, and my sister spent many hours on messenger every night– hogging up the dial-up internet. I listened to The Future of Us on CD, so I didn’t have any of the annoying typos to deal with. I’m hopeful that Asher will continue to turn out great Young Adult novels.

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