Book #1: Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte

Book #1: Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte

It seems to me that I couldn’t do much better than start my 2014 reading endeavor off with a true classic. As much as I’d hoped to finish Jane Eyre before the end of 2013, I had too many other things that stole my attention over my winter break before I was really able to hunker down and enjoy this book. However, since most of those things are taken care of, I was able to finish the book, reading more than 160 pages just yesterday. It was lovely.

Now, as far as my feelings about the novel itself, I think it’s pretty perfect. This may sound fairly sacrilege for a young woman who loves reading, but after reading Jane Eyre, I’m wondering why Jane Austen is the female British author who gets all the attention. I realize Charlotte Brontë didn’t write much else apart from Jane Eyre, but I think this story is far more interesting and complex than either of the two novels of Austen’s I’ve read (I realize that two of seven isn’t the best platform on which to judge an author, so I won’t say definitely that I prefer Brontë until I’ve read more). The progress of Jane’s and Rochester’s relationship is very compelling, and the trials they face together only make the conclusion of the novel that much sweeter. This was a perfect read in winter, but it would be enjoyable no matter what. Considering it was first published in 1847, Jane Eyre is a remarkably easy read as long as you devote proper attention to it. And trust me, it’s worth it.

I’ve put off watching any film adaptations of Jane Eyre until I actually read the novel, so I’m very excited to finally be able to do so. I own a copy of the 1983 BBC America version and plan to borrow the 2011 version soon (can I just say how excited I am to see Michael Fassbender play a nice person?). I’m very interested to be able to compare these two versions, but more than anything, I’m excited to be able to hold onto this lovely story for a little while longer.



  1. I’ve never seen the BBC version, so I’d be interested to hear what you think about it. I have a literary blog as well, so I’m always up for hearing what other writers think about Jane Eyre.

  2. I realize Charlotte Brontë didn’t write much else apart from Jane Eyre, but …

    Her final novel is considered by many her greatest work — Villette. I adore Jane Eyre, but Villette is a masterpiece. 🙂

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