Book #5: Anna Christie, by Eugene O’Neill

Book #5: Anna Christie, by Eugene O'Neill

This was the first of thirty-two plays I’ll be reading for a Modern American Drama course this spring, so expect to see my reading posts come much more often. This was the first O’Neill I’ve ever read, and I’d say it was a pretty good start. I’ll be in class to discuss it and watch the film tomorrow, and I’m very interested to see how the final scene plays, since the ending was a bit odd in my mind.

Anna Christie is the story of several characters whose lives are somehow related to life on the sea. The setting and plot is simple, but the characters and their personal conflicts pack a punch, which is a primary reason why I was left feeling a bit unsatisfied by the play’s conclusion. If nothing else, though, this was a good introduction to the four other O’Neill works I’ll be reading in the next week and a half.


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