Book #16: A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams

A Streetcar Named Desire


Since I read A Streetcar Named Desire for the first time last fall, this wasn’t a very new experience, but I do think I got more out of the play this second time. First of all, I recently watched Woody Allen’s 2013 film, Blue Jasmine, for the second time, and I certainly made the connections between that film and this play (I’d seen the movie before I read the play the first time, but apparently I wasn’t very insightful then). In any case, this is a modern American classic that’s an important read for all my fellow literature lovers. Later today, I’m going to watch the 1951 film adaptation starring Marlon Brando (who originated the role of Stanley Kowalski on Broadway in 1947) and Vivian Leigh. Hooray for snow days in college! In other good (and nerdy) news: I still have three more Tennessee Williams plays to read that I’ve never read before, so I’m excited to be making progress on my endless journey of reading.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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