Entertainment Life Update

As you may know, I’m in my final semester of college, and let’s just say I’m feeling it. After two semesters without Friday classes, I’m back to a busy schedule, which, unfortunately, isn’t how I’d prefer to be spending my final weeks as an undergrad. Alas, this is what I signed up for. On the plus side, I’m in classes I’m really enjoying, like the Modern American Drama course that’s taken over my blog posts and two courses in Italian that I really love.

I’m also in the final stages (Hallelujah!) of my thesis project on the Harry Potter series. The realization that I only have a few weeks left as an undergrad has been hitting me lately, so things are sometimes bittersweet. Good thing I’m planning on at least five more years of school before joining the real working world.

Anyway, on to more interesting topics: my recent ventures in entertainment.


Yesterday, I finished watching the HBO series Deadwood, which ran from 2004-2006. It certainly isn’t a show for everyone; the language is incredibly vulgar and there are many moments of intense violence that can be quite difficult to watch. However, it’s also hilarious at times and filled with great acting, so if you’re a TV junkie like me, you’ll be pleased. I’m really confused why Calamity Jane (played by Robin Weigert) isn’t at the top of every list of great TV characters because SHE’S THE BEST. There’s nothing else to say about her. The only downside about Deadwood is its conclusion; the show was canceled, so the series finale isn’t very satisfying. Unfortunately, this is a fate seen far too often for TV shows. If you’re looking for a fairly quick TV project, though, this is one I’d recommend. With only 36 episodes, Deadwood is easy to breeze through on a binge, and the show’s quality makes the viewing only more appealing.

Now that I’ve finished Deadwood, I’ll be moving on to my next drama series, since I like to keep a balance between shows. I haven’t yet decided between CBS’s Elementary and HBO’s Rome, but I’ll probably be starting one of them in the next day or two. I’m always far too excited by new TV projects, so this is a big decision for me. Stay tuned.


On a very different note, I’m also making progress on my viewing of the entire series of Cheers. I’ve just started season six, marking the change from Shelley Long as Diane to Kirstie Alley as Rebecca. I must say, Diane’s departure in the season five finale really got to me. The emotions were real. The entire series is 271 episodes, and I’ve now watched 123, so I feel like I’m actually making progress, but I won’t be finishing it any time soon. Despite the length, I’m happy to have a consistently good show to watch while doing my homework.

Life After Life

I’m about one-third of the way through Life After Lifea novel I purchased in early January after seeing it top several of the “best of 2013” reading lists. I’m a bit undecided about my feelings on the novel so far; it can be confusing at times, but I think I’m getting to a point when the story is getting more interesting. The book is centered around Ursula who dies in the book’s opening, but the story stops and restarts many times, each time changing the context of her death. So far, it’s a book about a lot of deaths. We’ll see how my feelings change as I get further in my reading.

Now, off to doing more productive things, which include watching a movie and catching up on my DVR. Did I mention how great it is to have a snow day in college? The Oscars mean I have to catch up on my normal HBO shows for Sunday nights, and I’m so very excited for the premiere of season two of Bates Motel tonight. If you’ve yet to watch it, you should probably devote some time to Netflix in the near future. It’s worth it, I promise.


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