Snow Day Musings

Since I’m currently experiencing the great fortune of having snow days for two days running, I thought I’d take full advantage of the opportunity and write more while I’ve got the time. Here’s what a snow day looks like in your last semester of college.

Homework still exists, unfortunately.

Having this time off is great, but that doesn’t mean professors ignore your assignments. I’ve got a proposal to turn in for my major capstone project and I had two days worth of Italian homework to complete. And I’ve got a quiz to study for tomorrow. It’s really difficult to make yourself work on important things when you have days off, though. It’s a real struggle. I’m trying to persevere.

There’s time to write blogs and watch classic movies and start new TV projects.

As you may have noticed from my posts today and yesterday, there’s time for me to actually sit and think about things and write them down. Hooray! I also watched A Streetcar Named Desire yesterday, fulfilling not only my required viewing for my Modern American Drama course, but also crossing off another movie from the AFI Top 100 list I’ve been working on. My goal is to watch 10 films from the list this year, and this was my first. Progress!

I’m all caught up on all my TV/DVR projects, too (except for How I Met Your Mother, which I’ll watch later today). Girls was great as per usual, and I thought Sunday’s penultimate episode of True Detective was the best yet. And can we talk about how Bates Motel came back? Because I LOVED IT. I rewatched season one’s finale yesterday (because I had so much free time) and I was so pleased to be reminded of how wonderful this show is. Norma Bates is a queen.

I’m also currently watching the third episode of HBO’s Romemy newest TV project. My friend Ryan really enjoyed it when he watched it last fall, so I decided start my newest venture with a show that came highly recommended from a trusted source. Since I’ll be on spring break next week, there’s a good chance I’ll be finished with Rome rather quickly. This thought makes me happy, because I really, really love crossing things off my to do list. It’s the little things.

You never have to leave your home. It’s really fantastic.

Since making a quick run on Sunday to return two movies to Redbox (Don Jon and the new Carrie, if you’re interested), I’ve not left my apartment. I’m a bit of a hermit, so I really love when I don’t have to go places. Leftover food from my Oscar viewing party and TV shows have kept me quite happy in my comfy little corner of the world.

No word yet on whether school will be back to normal tomorrow, but I can say that these two days have been so very satisfactory that I can go back to real life feeling rejuvenated. And, since I start spring break next week, I think I can survive three days of school before having an entire week off. Oh, the joys of being a student.


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