Book #20: The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin

Book #20: The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin

I recently found myself reminiscing over how much I loved The Westing Game when I read it in middle school, so my friend Ryan graciously lent it to me so I could rediscover my enjoyment of it. I think it’s been ten years since I last read it, but I can honestly say that The Westing Game is enjoyable for readers of all ages.

The book functions as a murder-mystery; sixteen heirs are gathered for the reading of millionaire Sam Westing’s will, a document stating that Westing’s heirs will only receive their inheritance after solving the mystery of his own death. Basically, if you like the game Clue, you’ll like this book.

One thing I didn’t really remember about the book is its odd assortment of characters. There are themes and characteristics that I think read much different for adults than for the book’s young target audience. I think there are a few characterizations that I think are a bit dated and border on stereotypes (the book was originally published in 1978, so it’s understandable), but it’s overall story isn’t really affected by these issues.

So, now that I’ve finished this, I’m moving on to what I expect will be a crappy teen romance novel, but I got it as a free download, so whatever. Besides, I’m in my last semester of college, so a little light, trashy reading might just be exactly what I need.


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