Book #21: Stir Me Up, by Sabrina Elkins

Sometimes, a person just needs a trashy romance novel to read. Last night, I finished one, and I’m happy to say that I enjoyed it more than I expected. To justify this, I will say that the only reason I read Stir Me Up was because I got an email from Amazon saying that if I signed up for a newsletter, I could get a free e-book, so I took the offer, and the results were better than I expected.

Of course, it is still a silly teen romance. The book centers around Cami, the daughter of a French chef who aspires to the same career. She’s in her senior year of high school, trying to decide what to do with her life, when she gets news that her stepmother’s nephew will be moving in with them. The nephew, Julian, has been injured in Afghanistan, so Cami’s family takes him in during his recovery. Cami and Julian hate each other at first, so, obviously, they’re in love.

I did find the story and characters to be more interesting that I expected, and there were never really any moments when I was very annoyed or disinterested. I consider this a plus. But, at the risk of sounding totally pretentious, I was a bit annoyed by the inclusion of “French” in the book. I speak French. It’s my major. I appreciated Elkins’s effort to include a foreign language, but it was pretty clear she just did some Google translating. But really, this is kind of a minor issue.

Overall, I enjoyed my 24-hour experience with this book, especially since it allowed me a pretty mindless — but entertaining — reading experience. Now, back to the world of real books.


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