Two months later, and my brain is still at Sundance

Last night, I lay in bed unable to fall asleep because my mind wandered back to Sundance. Not that this doesn’t happen on a super regular basis, but still. So, with the full knowledge that I’m totally indulging, and people are probably sick of hearing me talk about this, I want to reminisce. This is basically an ode to my experiences, particularly those shared with the two ladies who were at my side for most of this magical experience, Kaitlynn and Lendee.

Remember when…

  • Lendee cried when we first saw Joe Manganiello
  • Lendee and I kept trying to perform a duet of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” but not knowing how many “turn around”s there are
  • I literally shed tears because I couldn’t (and still can’t) understand my emotions about Dan Stevens in The Guest
  • Elijah Wood walked past us and I said, “Hey, Elijah” and he turned and said, “HI!” really loudly
  • Coleman said Joe Manganiello could probably pick him up and still carry a fridge (I’m still not over this comment.)
  • Aaron Paul‘s wife, Lauren, asked Lendee if they went to high school together
  • Lendee got to ask Philip Seymour Hoffman a question during a Q&A
  • Jason Ritter wished me a happy 13th birthday
  • I got to have a full on conversation with Sam Rockwell about how I’ve had a life-long fear of him
  • Krysten Ritter, Joe Manganiello, and Lena Dunham favorited and/or retweeted Lendee, Kaitlynn, and me
  • We made friends with a volunteer and didn’t find out until after the festival that we’d called him the wrong name the entire time
  • Kaitlynn and I took a picture with Miles Teller and we said we’d been big fans since Footloose and he just said “yeah… Footloose”
  • John Slattery was the nicest guy ever and just wanted to be friends with us
  • Christopher Meloni wore the dumbest outfit to the premiere of White Bird in a Blizzard
  • Luke Wilson came in and ordered pizza at this restaurant where we were eating
  • Bob Odenkirk was literally the only person to follow instructions from a volunteer and stood waiting in line like a first grader
  • We went to a documentary about strippers and the strippers were there and they gave us calendars of themselves and then one of them took his shirt off during the movie and there was an air conditioner next to me that just leaked water during the entire movie 
  • We kept having awkward run-ins with Jason Ritter and Melanie Lynskey and didn’t know if we should keep saying hi and then Melanie spent SO LONG in the bathroom
  • Kaitlynn and I got to tell Lendee that Harry Styles was there and she literally jumped out of bed, took all her clothes off, and said things like, “I just thought the sun would penetrate through the curtains when Harry Styles was around” and “his hair is like the waves of the ocean”
  • Shailene Woodley was the nicest when I said we’d enjoyed her movie the night before
  • #losnudies was an important part of our lives
  • One of the actresses from The Guest showed up INSANELY drunk to the premiere of her own movie
  • Dan Stevens thought I was going to yell at him when I went up to ask him for a picture
  • Lendee told an actor that she loved him in Sleepover
  • Jim O’Heir said “Dammit, Jerry!” while taking a picture with Kaitlynn and me
  • William H. Macy sat three seats down from me at a screening of Whiplash and said “Really!” super loudly during the Q&A because he thought the director was wonderful
  • Kaitlynn and I went to the premiere of God Help the Girl and WE LOVED IT BECAUSE IT WAS THE MOST PERFECT MOVIE OF ALL TIME
  • We walked past Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) from Game of Thrones
  • Michael C. Hall covertly walked past us two times within an hour
  • Joe Swanberg‘s perfect son, Jude, was the real star of Happy Christmas
  • Finally… We left a cafe, knowing we had about an hour until we would need to get back to our hotel to leave for the airport, and we happened to run directly into our favorite human AMY POEHLER and she told us to have a good day

Okay, I think I’m done for now (as I sit in my Sundance t-shirt with my Sundance water bottle next to me). I’m only slightly nostalgic. Who says you can’t live in the past?



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