Book #39: A Lie of the Mind, by Sam Shepard

Book #39: A Lie of the Mind, by Sam Shepard

I’m a bit behind on my reading posts, so I’m doing my best to catch up, meaning these posts will probably be short and sweet. A Lie of the Mind is a rather dark story that begins with domestic abuse and also deals with familial problems and various mental and psychological issues. When Jake believes he’s killed his wife, Beth, in a jealous rage, he runs to his brother, Frankie, and eventually falls into a bizarre mental paralysis in which he loses all sense of reality. Beth isn’t actually dead, but she’s suffered several brain injuries from the trauma. When Frankie travels to see if Beth is alive, he ends up stuck at her family’s home after being shot by her father while hunting.

Feeling depressed yet?

It was a bit difficult for me to say how I felt about this play. It was well written and interesting, but obviously dark and disturbing. If nothing else, I’m interested in reading more of Shepard’s writing.


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