Book #48: Living Dead in Dallas, by Charlaine Harris

Living Dead in Dallas

It’s nice to be blogging after a few weeks of silence. It’s safe to say, though, that my life has been anything but silent. In fact, in the past three weeks, I attended several pre-graduation banquets, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, had three visits from family and friends from out of town, had a graduation party, spent a very eventful three days in New York City, and moved out of my apartment. So yeah. Things have been busy.

In this flurry of activity, I haven’t done tons of reading, or if I have, it’s been some of the silly free e-books I occasionally download from Amazon. I’ve also been working my way through Gossip Girl, my latest TV project. So my absence has still been full of activity. And since today marks what seems like my first real day of summer vacation (I just checked out of my apartment this morning, after all), I think my pop culture life will be returning to normal, and you’ll see me again posting in a regular fashion.

So, now to my actual book review process. As a fan of HBO’s True Blood, I thought it might be fun to read the books that inspired the show when I found a few of them very cheap at a discount bookstore. I started with Living Dead in Dallas, the second book in the series, only because I couldn’t find the first book, and I figured I could navigate my way through it since I’ve seen the show.

I read the first chapter several weeks ago, and finally picked it back up again yesterday at Laguardia airport. I was already aware that the show did its own thing with Harris’s story, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that this book is fairly accurately represented on screen. It’s no great piece of literature, but it’s fun enough to read. I do appreciate that Harris isn’t nearly as vulgar as the show can be, but I guess that’s just the standard for HBO. I look forward to reading the third book in the series, Club Dead, in the near future.

Before that, I’m finishing a very different reading project, Of Mice and Men, which I started and haven’t been able to finish because of all the other activity in my life. Be on the lookout for a few blogs in the coming days about my recent personal accomplishments and my truly magical time spent in New York City.


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