July 2014: What I’m Watching and Reading This Month

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last update, so it seemed time for another. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately in my entertainment ventures.

TV — Since the Emmy nominees were announced, I’ve been doing lots of thinking about the past TV season and trying to catch up on some of the nominees that I missed out on in the past year. Part of that process was completing season one of Masters of Sex,” watching the miniseries “The Spoils of Babylon,” and watching the HBO movie The Normal Heart. Now that I’ve done all that, I’m as prepared as I intend to be for the Emmy awards, which are of course over a month away. I’m a big fan of being prepared.As far as my reactions go for these, I think “Masters of Sex” is great and I’m excited to see how season two progresses, “The Spoils of Babylon” is ridiculous fun that isn’t for everyone, but I’m glad Kristen Wiig got another nomination out of it, and I thought The Normal Heart was good, but by no means great. It doesn’t live up to the quality of two of HBO’s recent movies, Game Change or Behind the Candelabra.

In my other TV news: I finished Seinfeld”! Since I started it last fall with my roommate, this was a very big accomplishment in my book. Now I’m working on “Cheers, and I’ve already completed one season and started another. Just two full seasons and another partial one to go before I finish it. Considering “Cheers” is 271 episodes, I think finishing it will also be a momentous occasion.

Since I’m trying to stay focused on one project at a time with TV right now, I’m not sure what my next project will be once “Cheers” is complete. I plan to rewatch Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23″ with my roommate when he’s moving in, but I’m not sure what my solo project will be. Suggestions? Stay tuned to see what I choose.

Movies — It’s been nearly a month since I saw a movie in theaters, but I’ve been trying to do my own catching up through Netflix, On Demand, and Amazon Prime. I’ve now watched 78 new movies this year, so I’m making progress toward my goal of 125. My favorite that I’ve watched recently was Short Term 12, which I’ve watched twice in the past week. It’s a great emotional story and well-worth watching. 

I’m also trying to work on my goal of watching 10 movies from the AFI Top 100 list. I’ve only watched two so far this year, but I hope I can work on a few more in the coming days and weeks. We have an old movie theater in town that screens “classic” movies, and so I’m seeing American Graffiti later this week, and since The Godfather trilogy in On Demand right now, I’m going to try to take full advantage of those films. 

Books — I finally finished Jane Austen’s Emma earlier this week, so that was another big thing to cross off my list. I’m now back to working on The Death Cure, the final book in The Maze Runner trilogy. I’ve only got 5 books left on my “set” reading list for the year, but since I’m starting an English graduate program this fall, I think it’ll be important to try to get ahead on my reading. Once I finish The Death Cure, I think I’ll read The Silkworm, J.K. Rowling’s sequel to last year’s The Cuckoo’s Calling before starting Moby-Dick, one of the many reading projects for my classes this fall.

I must say, it’s pretty fantastic to have the whole summer free for fulfilling all my entertainment wishes.


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