Book #59: The Death Cure, by James Dashner

I must say, I was a bit disappointed by the conclusion of The Maze Runner trilogy. Both the second and third novels in the series were a bit more confusing and befuddled than the first, and I found myself left with a few more questions than answers in the final pages of The Death Cure.

Because of this, I’m a bit more tempted to read The Kill Order, which is Dashner’s prequel to the trilogy. I’m hoping that it might give me more satisfying answers than the conclusion of the trilogy did. 

Even though I didn’t love this last novel, I am still interested to see the film adaptation of The Maze Runner in September. Now that I’m done with this series, I’m excited to move on toThe Silkworm, which is likely to be my last “fun read” for a while. Once I finish it, I’m forcing myself to try to get ahead on some of my school reading for the fall semester. 


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