Book #63: The Final Solution, by Michael Chabon

I was pretty excited to read The Final Solution because I did a bit of research on it for a project I did in the spring on Sherlock Holmes. I knew that Chabon had written a new take on a Holmes story, placing the famous character in the midst of World War II.

Unfortunately, I was entirely unimpressed by this short novel.

First of all, I found it fairly annoying that Chabon was never forthright about identifying his character as Sherlock Holmes; instead, he’s only referred to as “the old man” who just happens to exhibit many of Holmes’s iconic characteristics. Aside from that, I found the general “mystery” to be forgettable and boring. There really wasn’t anything about this book that made it fun to read. I was hoping for a fun, quick mystery novel, but all I got was a lame attempt at recreating a classic Holmes story. Fortunately, I have BBC’s “Sherlock” to fill that void in my life.


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