Book #65: Dead to the World, by Charlaine Harris

Dead to the World was essentially my last fun reading rendezvous before starting grad school (though, to be fair, I didn’t finish it until yesterday, a week into my semester). I didn’t enjoy the overarching plot of this novel as much as the two preceding books in the series, but it was still short and fun enough to keep me interested.

In fact, I felt the same way about the “True Blood” plot that covered this same story line. I guess something about the were-panthers seems a little ridiculous and unnecessary to me. However, this was also the book when Eric has lost his memory, which is one of my favorite plots on the show, probably because I think Alexander Skarsgard is really funny playing confused Eric. 

Now that school is officially back in session, I’m probably not going to make much headway in my personal reading projects, but I’ve started Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander on this long holiday weekend in the hopes that I’ll be able to make some progress in it before dealing with my assigned readings. I’ve really enjoyed the Starz TV adaptation of Gabaldon’s series so far, so I’m hopeful that I like the books as well. 

Now, I’m off to start my first real reading assignment of the semester: Shakespeare’s Venus and Adonis. Wish me luck! 


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