Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose: my life lately

I’ve now completed three weeks of grad school, and I’m happy to report that it hasn’t (yet) kicked my butt. This fact, however, by no means signifies that it’s been an easy three weeks. In fact, probably the strangest event in my life has occurred in this time span, so I figured it was about time I did another life update.

Back to that strange event: on Monday afternoon, I walked back to my apartment from work to learn (through a series of interactions) that my neighbor had been dead in his apartment for a week. Let me repeat: He was dead. In his apartment. For a week. You have to know that I live in an old house that’s been separated into five apartments. There’s one apartment between mine and the dead guy’s. Not exactly the most reassuring information. Yesterday, they ruled his death a homicide. Let’s just say I’m really hoping it wasn’t a random home invasion type of situation.

Besides that, it’s also been an emotional week; my uncle had a stroke a week ago, and what started out seeming like something minor has turned into a much more serious medical situation. I’m currently at home taking care of our pets as my mom spends a few days trying to deal with this situation in South Dakota. Any prayers, good wishes, and generally positive feelings are greatly appreciated.

On top of all of that, I’ve been adjusting to school and work. I’m four weeks into my new graduate assistantship. It has its ups and downs, but I’m thankful for the work experience and the pay. (Sometimes I have to remind myself of this fact.)

In spite of life’s complications of late, I’ve tried to maintain my pop culture-centered lifestyle as much as possible. Here are my currently reading and watching projects.

TV — I (ever-so-reluctantly) finished the final season of “Friday Night Lights” about an hour ago. I really never expected to love it as much as I did, even though it has been recommended to me many times by friends and magazines alike. I need a bit of a mourning period before moving on to my next TV project, so I’ve decided to try to get my movie count up to 110 before I start a new show. I think it’s likely that I’ll start with “The Young Doctor’s Notebook” since it’s a quick project, and then I’ll most likely move on to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” 

As for current TV shows, I’m still really enjoying “Outlander.” I read about one-fourth of the book, but the show is such a faithful adaptation, I decided it’d be easier to save myself some time and trust the TV version. I’m also still keeping up with “Masters of Sex,” though I’ll be a week or two behind since I only watch it with my mom. I’m thankful not to have many TV commitments to keep up with at the moment, but I’m anxiously awaiting the return of real TV in the coming weeks.

Books — Like I said, school is keeping me from doing too much extra-curricular watching and reading, so my reading has been focused exclusively on school projects. My first assignment for my Shakespeare class was As You Like Ita lovely introduction to the world of Shakespeare. I’m also doing plenty of reading for my Responses to Poe class, which currently entails reading Poe’s The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. I’m not sure how I feel about it right now, but I’m planning to finish it tomorrow, so there’s likely to be an update soon.

Movies — It’s been a while since I’ve gone to see a movie in theaters, but I’m hoping that will change soon since we’re entering the golden period for good movies. As for my Netflix watching, I’ve completed an odd mix of movies. I watched 12 Angry Men recently, which is, of course, a classic. I’ve also been watching some fairly terrible things (particularly the 2009 movie Dare) mostly because I became kind of obsessed with the “Friday Night Lights” characters Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford) and Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch), and I’m willing to watch dumb things if they feature these actors. (It’s a crime that Netflix has NOTHING else with Taylor Kitsch, by the way.)

I did get to rewatch God Help the Girl last weekend, which made me ever-so happy. God Help the Girl was another of my Sundance favorites, so it was a welcome opportunity. If you’ve got the chance to see it, DO IT. It will bring lots of joy into your heart.

Well, now I go back to the real life world, featuring a boatload of homework in my attempts to both stay on top of things while potentially getting ahead at the same time. Here’s hoping.



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