Book #68: Much Ado About Nothing, by William Shakespeare

I was very excited to see Much Ado About Nothing on my reading list for my Shakespeare class because I had the lovely experience of seeing this play at the Globe Theatre in London in 2011. Having previously seen the play was definitely an advantage while reading it, but I think it would be enjoyable for anyone interested in Shakespeare.

Much Ado About Nothing has the potential to be a bit confusing while reading because a lot of the play’s plot hinges on characters eavesdropping on one another, which can be a bit difficult to recognize while reading. If you can work through this, though, the story is entertaining, funny, and very worthwhile.

We’ll be watching Joss Whedon’s recent film adaptation of the play in class this week, so I hope it’s enjoyable. I have a hard time imagining any version will beat seeing a Shakepearean play in the venue for which it was written, but we’ll see. 🙂


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