Book #6: It’s Only A Play, by Terrence McNally

I’m pretty excited about the speed at which I’m flying through books this year. Of course, I’m also still in the gloriously un-busy time before I have to go back to school and work, so I’m going to just try to enjoy this calm while it lasts.

Even though I want to do as much early reading for my Southern lit class as possible, I’m also trying to give myself breaks between those books for reading of my own choosing. I had planned on reading It’s Only A Play in December when I returned from New York, but I was distracted by other things and it didn’t work as I expected, so I decided to slide it in between other projects.

Reading It’s Only A Play is perfectly enjoyable. It’s funny and fast-paced and really wouldn’t take more than an hour or two of concentrated reading time to complete. I have a feeling I would have enjoyed seeing it more on stage, though, especially with the stellar cast that’s doing it on Broadway now. Since the play was written in the 1980s, lots of the references are outdated and I know they were updated for the revival, so I wish I knew who was referenced in this version. I also have a feeling they toyed with the roles a bit because it seems like the script had more characters than the current production, but I might be wrong on that one.

Anyway, now I’m back to school reading, though I might pull double duty and read Nick Offerman’s memoir at the same time. What a joy to have the time to read as I please.


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