Book #11: Come Back, Little Sheba, by William Inge

My William Inge reading streak continues with Come Back, Little Sheba. I’m reading one last play by Inge before moving on to anything else, so stay tuned.

I was less interested in this play that Inge’s others that I’ve read, but I didn’t dislike it. It’s a shorter play, and I just generally felt like it didn’t have a strong of an impact on me.

The play centers on the lives of Lola and her husband, Doc, and a college-aged woman who rents a room from them, named Marie. Lola is lonely and desires a more exciting life, though she isn’t quite sure how to get it.

Lots of the play’s conflict hinges on the lack of communication between Lola and Doc, who married young because she was pregnant (only to lose the baby). The play presents challenges in marriage, but I didn’t feel like it said as much as I’d hoped.

Now on to the last Inge play in my collection: Bus Stop. I hope I enjoy this one a bit more.


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