Book #13: The Basic Eight, by Daniel Handler

When I went to New York in December, my friend and traveling companion Ryan was reading The Basic Eight, and since he laugh aloud many time while reading, I became interested in reading the book for myself.

The Basic Eight is a novel by Daniel Handler, perhaps more famous for his pseudonym, Lemony Snicket, under which he wrote A Series of Unfortunate Events. This novel is more grown up that his series, but it still holds Handler’s characteristic dark comedy that makes his works so fun to read.

A glimpse at the plot: the book presents the diary of Flannery Culp, a young woman telling the story of her senior year of high school in San Francisco in an attempt to prove her innocence in the murder she’s been accused of. Though this might not exactly sound like a book of hilarity, Handler presents readers with entertaining characters and situations that make them forget the dark nature of the story (much like the general story of A Series of Unfortunate Events).

I was a bit slow in my reading, but I’m not two weeks into my semester and the work picked up quickly. Now I turn back to school reading, and I doubt I’ll have too much time to read anything on my own time, but I’ll do my best.


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