Book #28: Joe, by Larry Brown

It’s Sunday morning, marking the last week of the semester before finals. Basically, that just means we’re all tired and lacking the necessary motivation to power through, but I’m doing my best.

Last week, I finished Larry Brown’s Joe, the penultimate reading assignment in my Southern lit class. It’s a dark, gritty novel — the story revolves around a group of shady characters in Mississippi just trying to survive. The titular character is a complicated one; as readers, it’s difficult to know how good a guy Joe really is, though we want to believe in him.

The book was also adapted into a film in 2013 starring Nicolas Cage and Tye Sheridan. I’ve only made it through about half the movie (I’ll finish it soon), but I’m not really buying Cage in the role. Something about his voice doesn’t work with a Southern accent for me.

Now I’m about halfway through our final reading assignment: Lewis Nordan’s strange and darkly comic Wolf Whistle. Here’s hoping we’ll end the semester on a high note.


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