Book #29: Wolf Whistle, by Lewis Nordan

Guys, all my reading assignments for the semester are officially DONE! Of course, I still have a big paper and a final to take, but this feels like an important step.

I ended the semester on an… odd note. Lewis Nordan’s Wolf Whistle takes on a fictionalized version of Emmett Till’s lynching and somehow makes it funny. The book is about a lot of things, and the wrongful murder of a young black boy is only one of them. Readers can also look forward to fires and fourth grade field trips and prejudice galore!

I still need to some to wrap my mind around the book overall. There are lots of little swerves along the way, so it’s kind of difficult to say how I felt about it. If nothing else, I think it’s a good thing to end the semester with a book that’s left me thinking.


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