Book #57: The Diary of a Teenage Girl, by Phoebe Gloeckner

Hello, long lost blog world! It’s been too long.

This may be self explanatory, but school has kept me so insanely busy that there hasn’t been much time for writing blog updates. Every weekend I think about how I’d like to write something and then it just doesn’t happen. In this final push at the tail end of the semester, though, I’m going to do my best to keep up.

Last night I finished The Diary of a Teenage Girl, a book I’ve been enjoying for a while as my recreational reading project. I really enjoyed the film adaptation when I saw it in August, so after (finally) getting my first paycheck at the end of September, I treated myself to the book on which the film was based.

I think the most endearing aspect of the novel (which is also part memoir, but Gloeckner asks us to read this book as fiction) is heroine Minnie Goetze’s voice; she’s charming and funny and insecure and vulnerable–much like all of us at the age of fifteen. Parts of the story are disturbing, but I’d definitely recommend this work.

Now that one of my five current reading projects is crossed off the list, my next goal if the weekend is to finish Doris Pilkington’s Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence for a presentation next week. Stay tuned for more posts soon!


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