Book #64: Dracula, by Bram Stoker

This post has been a long time coming, you guys. Like, maybe years in the making.

So, backstory: my roommate/best friend/wonder twin, Ryanloves Dracula. For something like the past 4 years we’ve made plans to go see a production of it at Actors Theatre, but somehow our plans undoubtedly fell through, until this October when we finally made it happen. Thankfully, the experience was worth the many years of planning, and since we had such fun seeing the play, Ryan suggested we read the book aloud together, as it’s his favorite and one I’d never read.

So early in October, we began our long reading journey. The con of making the decision to read it together was that, as we are both graduate students in English, the opportunities to read when both of us were otherwise obligation-less were sometimes rare. But we powered through!

Though I’ve never really considered myself a fan of listening to others read, the experience of reading aloud with your close friends is a pretty great one to have. We probably could’ve gotten through the book significantly faster if we didn’t stop so often in fits of giggles. The fact that I pronounced the word “harbor” as “har-boor” once will now haunt me forever, but it certainly provided us some good laughs.

So now, on the eve of the end of our semester, we’ve finally concluded our journey. It’s always a good feeling to finish something, but it does leave a little hole when there’s nothing more to look forward to.

On the bright side, though, as I’m now essentially free from academic obligations, I am finally able to do some self-prescribed reading. In the meantime, Ryan and I are also in search of our next shared reading project.Thoughts or suggestions? We’d love to hear them!



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