2016 Reading List #2: The Merchant of Venice, by William Shakespeare

For about 45 seconds, The Merchant of Venice would have been on my 2015 reading list.

My roommate loved the play when he read it last year and, after I bought my own copy, we thought it’d be fun to read it aloud together.

After exchanging three pieces of dialogue, we gave up. Turns out, reading Shakespeare, where there are lots of characters and footnotes to pay attention to, is not so easily done by a duo.

But, since one of my goals in 2016 is to read 2 Shakespeare plays, I decided to make that the first thing I can cross off my list, starting with The Merchant of Venice. I’d had a very pleasant time reading this to myself. This isn’t really as funny as some of the other comedies and certainly doesn’t fit with the tragedies, but it’s an entertaining reading experience none-the-less (as long as we can ignore/forgive the Jewish prejudice).

Between some kick-ass ladies and an few fun plot points, The Merchant of Venice was another enjoyable checkmark on my ever-growing list of reading projects.

Now, to complete my goal, I’m going to start Twelfth Night, and then I’ll have the rest of 2016 to find more Shakespeare to enjoy.


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