2016 Reading List #3: Attachments, by Rainbow Rowell

Do you ever pick up an old book just to give it a glance and end up accidentally rereading the entire thing? Because that’s exactly how Attachments came to be third on my 2016 reading list.

I’d just sort of been in a mood to revisit this book after reading it late in 2014. I adored it and was feeling like I might need some of that feeling back in my life.

I’ve read all of Rainbow Rowell’s books except for Carry On, her latest release. Attachments was her first novel, but it’s also undoubtedly my favorite. I think a big part of this has to do with the fact that the characters in it are more in my age group (at 28) than Eleanor & Park and Fangirl that are a bit younger and Landline that skews a bit older. Well, that and the fact that this is just an adorable story.

Attachments alternates between normal narrative chapters about Lincoln, a young man whose job (the year is 1999, mind you) is to wade through flagged emails at a newspaper to monitor if employees are emailing about inappropriate matters and email exchanges between Beth and Jennifer, both writers for the same paper. These emails are being read by Lincoln and aren’t always work appropriate, but because he enjoys reading their banter, he can’t make himself interfere.

I’m so glad I reread Attachments–it was the perfect little sojourn into something light and sweet and romantic as I buckle down for more academic work. Interestingly enough, I also think a case could be made for discussion of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl in this novel. Thankfully, the book “passes the test” where the MPDG is concerned and offers some pretty interesting gender commentary in the process.

Now can I just get a movie adaptation of this please?


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