2016 Reading List #4: Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare

Good news, friends! by reading Twelfth Night, I’ve officially crossed off the first sub-point on my 2016 reading goals.

So, as I’ve mentioned on my 2016 Reading List, I have a goals to read works by a few specific authors, which includes two works by Shakespeare. Now that I’ve done it, I’ll do my best to get my hands on some of his other plays that I haven’t read, but it feels good to be just 11 days into the new year and having accomplished one goal.

It’s kind of embarrassing to say, but a lot of my pre-knowledge of Twelfth Night comes from my teenage obsession with She’s the Man (whoops). So yeah, that’s kind of silly, but also fairly helpful to have a general idea of the overall plot of the play. Like As You Like ItTwelfth Night includes some crossdressing for disguise and a couple lovely marriage plots that create a nice happy ending.

Twelfth Night wasn’t my favorite of Shakespeare’s comedies that I’ve read (that honor still goes to Much Ado About Nothing), but it was undeniably fun and entertaining. And the English major in me would love to do a bit of research into the queer theory concerning Antonio and Sebastian, but that will have to wait for another day…

Now that I’ve finished my two allotted Shakespeares for the year, I think I’ll begin my journey through one of my longer reading goals of the year: reading the complete plays of Arthur Miller. Here we go!


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