My Life



I’ m Brenna. I’m currently work in for Study Abroad and Global Learning at Western Kentucky University. Degrees include an MA in literature (2016) and a BA in Popular Culture Studies (2014). I pretend that watching TV and movies and reading are the required reading of a person with a degree in Pop Culture, but it’s only kind of true. Fan of: all things kitties, pretending I know everything that will happen on Game of Thrones, singing every word of Hamilton and crying until I get to see it again, the goddess better known as Taylor Swift, those lovely Gilmore Girls, Gillian Flynn, the Potter books that changed my life, binge-watching TV shows on any and all of the streaming outlets, and the indoors. This is my humble attempt to write insightful and interesting commentary on all things pop culture, so here goes nothing.

If you’re interested, here’s a list of the shows I watch regularly/care about, in alphabetical order:

30 Rock | Arrested Development | Bates Motel | Bob’s Burgers | Breaking Bad | Broad City | Broadchurch | Call the Midwife | Cheers | Deadwood | Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23 | Downton Abbey | Frasier | Friends | Friday Night Lights | Game of Thrones | Gilmore Girls | Girls | The Great British Baking Show | Insecure | It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | The Last Man on Earth | Mad Men | The Mindy Project | Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries | My Mad Fat Diary | My So-Called Life | Outlander | Parks and Recreation | Rick and Morty | Rome | Saturday Night Live | Seinfeld | Sherlock | Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt | Veep


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